Introducing Best Practices in Contract Migration: 
Why You Should & How to Do It eBook 

Organizations have as many as 10,000 - 200,000 contracts, perhaps more, yet very few organizations will have visibility to all of their contracts.  Does this matter? 

Yes, because the lack of oversight across existing contractual data and obligations means greater exposure to risk and missed cost saving and revenue opportunities.

This eBook looks at the reasons why it is critical for organizations to harness and analyze all of their contracts, both past and present.  It also outlines the best practices for successfully implementing a Contract Discovery and Review methodology, leveraging automation software to achieve the ultimate goal of placing all critical contract information into a Contract Lifecycle Management system of record.  

By downloading this eBook you'll learn about Contract Migration Best Practices and why they matter.

Hear What Some of Our Partners Are Saying

“It is critical for organizations to harness and analyze all of their contracts, both past and present.  A clear view of the contract portfolio directly impacts an organization’s ability to manage risk, cut additional costs and penalties, and drive expanded revenue opportunities. Selectica’s Contract Discovery offers best practices in contract migration and the e-book provides helpful insight into streamlining the process of placing contractual data into Selectica’s Contract Lifecycle Management system.”

Patrick Stakenas, Chief Strategy Officer, Selectica

“Efficient contract management is a vital part of any business’ success and can often pay for itself. Seal Software offers our customers a powerful solution that transforms the conventional migration process from being mundane and tedious to strategic and insightful as legacy Contracts are analyzed for financial and language optimization.  Contract migration can be a daunting task, especially when incorporating thousands of documents, and Seal’s new e-Book is a powerful resource for businesses implementing a new contract management solution and looking to accelerate their return on investment through contracts.”

Mauro Caputi, Partner, Mainspring Consulting Group

"Whether your organization plans to implement a Contract Lifecycle Management system, is in the midst of an acquisition, or is subject to an audit of existing contractual commitments - a cost-effective solution to
contract review and data abstraction is of paramount importance.  Historically this process has been an entirely manual one. That is, until today. Seal's new e-book provides best practices guidance on how to leverage auto-extraction and data analytics technology to significantly lower the cost and speed up the process of mass contract review and data abstraction."

Mark Ross, Senior Vice President, Legal Process Outsourcing, Integreon

“Huron Legal advises on and assists organizations with the implementation of contracts, documents, records, and e-discovery strategies to drive overall efficiency and control costs.  Seal’s new e-book is a helpful resource for legal teams and in-house counsel looking to gain greater control over their contractual data and implement a large contract management initiative.”

Jeff Catanzaro, Managing Director, Huron Legal

ASC is a leading provider of tailored cross-industry contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions that leverage a best practice framework to automate and streamline CLM processes end to end helping organizations better manage their contractual commitments, reduce costs, maximize revenue and minimize regulatory non-compliance risks. Ensuring an accurate and relevant capture of legacy contracts is essential to ensuring the full visibility, transparency, proactivity, and efficacy of a CLM solution, but an extremely arduous task for businesses. Seal’s new e-Book provides excellent guidance for businesses looking for insight on contract migration best practices and their solution offering effectively accelerates and improves the quality of the discovery and data loading activities associated with CLM solution rollout.

Shawn King, President and CEO, Advanced Software Concepts (ASC)

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