Digital Transformation:
Contract Analytics and Beyond

Machine learning is disruptive, providing a tremendous opportunity to impact strategic decision making. Basing decisions on data-centric analysis will drive larger profits and is driving the next great boom in productivity. A key element to digital transformation and analysis is the unstructured data that composes as much as 80% of an organization’s data.

Join us with DocuSign and special guest speaker Clark Golestani, former President, Emerging Businesses and Global Chief Information Officer for Merck who will highlight opportunities to extract value from unstructured data using content analysis technology.

See how those willing to embrace the disruptive capabilities of machine learning sooner than the competition will gain the greatest advantage – creating winners and losers.

Thursday, May 31st
5pm - 7pm
The Plaza

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Seal Contract Analytics is a dynamic system that discovers and informs you of revenue opportunities, expenses, and costs within your contractual obligations.