Finding Contract Opportunities & Risks - Free Whitepaper

When your financial institution needs to arrange a documentation remediation there are a few typical courses of action, but how efficient are they?  How much time is wasted on the logistics of outsourcing the document review?  What is the cost?  Furthermore, how detailed is the review process, and how painful is the reality that each review is a one-off event?  The reality is that every request from a regulatory body requires the undertaking of a new contract review of the majority your contract portfolio.

In this whitepaper, 8of9, a boutique consulting firm for the financial services industry, outlines how you can operate in this post-2008 financial crisis regulatory environment in a more efficient and effective way than you  probably knew was possible.

Download, Buried Alive in Contracts? How to Unlock Future Savings with Contract Discovery and Analytics, whitepaper to understand why and how implementing contract discovery and analytics in your financial institution will help.

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Seal Contract Analytics is a dynamic system that discovers and informs you of revenue opportunities, expenses, and costs within your contractual obligations.